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Science to help young players fulfill  their potential on and off the pitch.


Over the last 20 years, scientists have learnt a lot about how the adolescent brain works. This new knowledge challenges a lot of the assumptions on how to motivate and incentivise young people. For sport, harnessing this new understanding could help create better players on the pitch and more fulfilled people off it.

Learn about the science here.

‘I think the more knowledge you have about the brain then it can only guide your
practice .. and can only help you as a coach’

Tim Kirk, Youth Coach, Borussia Dortmund

how we help

The Institute for Development of Young Minds in Sport (IDYOMS) was created to help sporting associations and clubs to use the latest science of the brain for the development of young players. We build the skills, knowledge and tools of the coaching communities to be able to help young players fulfil their potential as sportspersons and as people. We work alongside the existing specialists and influencers in the club or associations to create a holistic approach to the development and well-being of a young person

We draw on expertise in sports coaching, research and culture change, to customize a package of support for associations and clubs. We help to take things from the theory to practice through three service areas.



Establishing a clear routemap to get you where you want to go


capacity development

Building the right skills, processes and culture


coaching the coaches

Guiding coaches to refine and continually develop their approach

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